Signal Box Art Wraps

Signal Box Art Wrap Project

In February 2019, PMNA and the Midwood Merchants worked together to select 8 works from local artists to wrap signal boxes in the neighborhood, to go with one previously wrapped box at Central & Thomas.

Wraps were paid for by PMNA and a grant from the city of Charlotte.

Find out more about the art, artists and locations below.

Charlotte Placemaking Program

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Adventures in the Hood

by Melissa Wineman

Location: Central & Pecan

"This is a whimsical dreamlike portrayal of a few staples in this corner of our neighborhood. The octopus in the ship is for Snug Harbor, the rabbit is for Peculiar Rabbit/the Rabbit Hole, the paint bucket represents Sherman Williams, the record signifies Soul Gastrolounge (but could also be the old Lunchbox Records location). The pizza slice sail is for Fuel Pizza, the cake, cookies, and  macarons are for Nova's Bakery, the ice cream landscape with mountain cones representing Dairy Queen and the pool balls representing Elizabeth Billiards. As well as the crown for the city of Charlotte. I’ve seen this neighborhood change so much over the years and this makes it almost like a fairytale story of it." 

Find more work from Melissa on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram as well as at Queen City Sip N Shop pop-ups around town.


Chantilly's Charlotte

by Christine Dryden & the children of Chantilly Montessori School

Location: Plaza Midwood Firehouse near Plaza/McClintock

"As a long-time area resident, I was moved by the prompt to celebrate the places and spaces of Plaza Midwood through public art. I revisited a collage project created with Chantilly Montessori students in 2011, a series of Eric Carle-style depictions of area landmarks, and designed a mosaic of swatches from those paintings. It’s exciting to share the communal work of 24 young artists, now teenagers, in the community that inspired their art."

Find more work from Christine at and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also see another cabinet wrap from Christine at the corner of South & Bland in South End.


Be Kind

by Annada Hypes

Location: Central & Clement

"My inspiration was from the happy memories I have walking in the neighborhood with my kids. During walks, we try to find animals in clouds or make believe things we see are clues in a mystery involving animals. These animals remind me of feeling happy and safe and enjoying time together."

Find more work from Annada at



by Melissa Herriott

Location: Central & Morningside

"The rainbow was my inspiration. I love the fact that it is bold, vibrant, and symbolizes inclusivity, love, acceptance, and pride. All of the things that come to mind when I think of Plaza Midwood!"

Find more work from Melissa at


Queen Charlotte Skyline at Sunset

by Holly Spruck

Location: Central & Hawthorne

"You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get at sunset? When the day is done and you finish doing whatever it is that the humans made you do, and the night is all yours and filled with endless possibilities? In the oil painting, The Queen Charlotte Skyline, I want to leave the viewer with this same emotional impression. This is the line between Uptown and Plaza Midwood; it is the line between day and night. The layered colors, blurry lines and bold shapes express the Uptown skyline in the style of Plaza Midwood’s eclectic charm."

Find more work from Holly at and on Twitter or Instagram.


Hydrangea Spark

by Eva Crawford

Location: Plaza & Central

"The inspiration for the vibrant hydrangea watercolor wrapping the utility box came from my desire to bring natural beauty to a less that desirable sight in the community."

Find more work from Eva at or in person at C3 Lab (2525 Distribution St).


Deep Roots, Little Creek

by David French

Location: Central Avenue across from Veterans Park

"It is a place of my youth, where me and my friends at a very young age went deep exploring without our parents. The child in the painting is my own son, when we went back and did the same exploring again."

Find more work from David at


Nosey Neighbors

by Matt Myers

Location: Plaza & Belvedere at the Van Landingham Estate

"The fact that the boxes are at ground level made me think of what else is low to the ground. Dogs, naturally. And since the size of the boxes allowed for actual size dogs, it seemed right. Also, dogs greet each other on the street, something I like to do. This neighborliness seems to fit with the spirit of Plaza Midwood."

Find more work from Matt at or on social media at @MyersPaints.


You Can Skip

by Laurie Smithwick

Location: Central & Thomas

This artwork was commissioned in 2017 to go along with the Can-Do Signs project. It goes with the sign that says, “You can… Do the sidewalk skip!” and is intended to represent people moving in ways that feel like skipping. It’s a watercolor with digitally integrated hand-drawn sketches.

Find more from Laurie at