About Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association

Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association’s mission is to foster an attitude of neighborhood spirit and involvement on the part of the residents of Plaza Midwood through the development of recreational, social, cultural and educational programs and facilities in the Plaza Midwood area

  • Promote a closer association and cooperation among residents, business firms and city government for the general welfare, preservation and continued progress of the Plaza Midwood area and surrounding areas
  • Encourage high standards in the construction and upkeep of buildings and property in the Plaza Midwood area and surrounding areas
  • Encourage and integrate environmentally and socially aware concepts in the neighborhood and through Association events
  • Promote and support the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood and our business community though work with governmental agencies, interested persons and the general public
  • Provide a forum for communicating issues pertinent to our community

The Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association was designated a tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in October 1979. As a public charity, all contributions made to the association, including dues, are tax deductible.

To view PMNA's 501c3 letter of authorization, click HERE.

To view PMNA's bylaws, click HERE.

About Plaza Midwood

Long before we were Plaza Midwood, "Chatham Estates" was one of Charlotte's first suburbs -- a "streetcar suburb" -- in the 1920s, with the trolley line running along Central Avenue, The Plaza and Mecklenburg Avenue to the Country Club. The Oakland Land Company laid out much of the original designs.

In the years since, Plaza Midwood has gone through numerous iterations, including the founding of PMNA by a group of determined residents in 1975, but it has always remained one of the most charming, diverse and architecturally inspiring neighborhoods in the city.

You can find some great insight into the history of the neighborhood in our archived "Bullfrogs and Arched Doorways" columns HERE.

Plaza Midwood's official boundaries are Hawthorne Lane on the west, pm-map Central Avenue on the south, and The Plaza and Parkwood Avenue on the north. Masonic on the Southeast and Matheson Avenue along the Northeast, with our commercial district extending into Commonwealth-Morningside, Belmont and beyond.


Plaza Midwood also has roughly 14 percent of its neighborhood in the Historic District. The Historic District boundaries are roughly defined by the rectangle formed by The Plaza, Central Avenue, Pecan Avenue, and Mimosa Avenue.

For more on Plaza Midwood, visit our Plaza Midwood 101 section.

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