50 for 50

The Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association is
Turning 50 Next Year!


According to beloved historian and neighbor Tom Hanchett, Plaza Midwood did not formally come into being as a neighborhood until 1973. Residents, who had organized to stop a highway through the neighborhood, decided to form a permanent community organization.  They chose a name that combined the area's picturesque main street and one of its larger subdivisions. And, the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association was born!  Now, almost 50 years later, it's time to celebrate PMNA and our accomplishments!  

In gearing up for PMNA’s 50th anniversary, we ask for you to show your support and appreciation by:
    1. Becoming a PMNA Member or renewing your dues.  Only 22% of neighbors are dues-paying PMNA Members.  Surely, we can increase that to just 50% in honor of our 50th year?!?  Or, even BEAT that goal!  Dues are only $25 a year and go toward all the amazing things PMNA does for the neighborhood.  If you have enjoyed our...Easter Egg Hunt, Home & Garden Tour, Movie in the Park, Fall Crawl, Marathon Cheer Station Party, Santa, Dog Park, Midwood Mile, Community Garden, Sidewalk Improvements, eNewsletters or The Spirit...please click here to sign up or renew!
    2. Show off your Plaza Midwood pride with our new Plaza Plaque!  Plaques are $50 and ONLY available to dues-paying PMNA Members that live within Plaza Midwood boundaries. 
    3. Helping spread the word and getting your neighbors to become PMNA Members.
    4. Attending one of our 50th anniversary celebration events.  Stay tuned for details!

    Become a Member


    Plaza Plaques
    Historic neighborhoods all over the United States show their neighborhood pride by each displaying the same piece of art.  In honor of our upcoming 50th anniversary, we're creating Plaza Plaques.  They are 18" w x 9" h clear-coated steel and handcrafted in the Charlotte area.  Thank you to neighbor Melissa Schropp for the design.
    Customize Your Plaza Plaque with Color:
    You can leave the Plaza Plaque chrome or paint it to match your house, trim or accent color.  The plaques are clear-coated with Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Gloss Crystal Clear Enamel Spray Paint, so you have to take some care in painting it so the paint sticks.  
    • Paint the plaque with an enamel spray paint.  Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover is best (they have 49 colors!)
    • Eastway Paint and Decorating (in Eastway Crossing) makes custom color spray paint for $25.  
    • Lightly sand, use Rust-Oleum STOPS RUST® Clean Metal Primer spray paint and then paint your plaque with leftover house paint (use a roller).

    Plaza Plaques are $50 each.  We want everyone to be able to have a plaque if they want one.  If the cost is prohibitive, please email info@plazamidwood.org about our Plaque Assistance Program.

    You must sign into your PMNA account to buy a Plaza Plaque.  If you do not live in the neighborhood and would like to buy a plaque for a PMNA Member as a gift, please email info@plazamidwood.org.



    You can hang your plaque on the front of your house or mount it on an exterior wall.  For hanging details, click here.