3101 Loma Lane

3101 Loma Lane |  Home of Steve Firenze & Dave Holtzman

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Back in 2011, Steve and Dave noticed this Loma Lane midcentury and felt a strong pull to it, hoping one day it would hit the market. In 2013, they quickly met their realtor there after they saw that it had popped up on the listings, looked around the house for about fifteen minutes—and made a strong offer immediately.

Both homeowners are fans of a modern, streamlined aesthetic and wanted to honor this 1951 home and keep it true to its roots. The windows have all been replaced, but the character is accurate to the original design. Other key features like the wood burning fireplace and window wall in the library were kept. One very interesting feature of the home—that unfortunately had to be removed—was the low voltage lighting that was state of the art for a 1951 home, featuring a knob at the carport door that could turn on lights in every room of the home.

When they purchased the house, it was a 1700 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bath home. After renovations, they have created a three-bed, three-bath design in 2300 square feet. While adding eight feet in the kitchen for entertaining space, the bulk of the new addition is in the master suite. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the master bath— which will be a fun surprise to see on the Tour. Home Tour Tip: Make sure to notice the doggie door in the hallway and keep an eye out for squirrel related items around the house—Brittany spaniel Gage is obsessed with all things squirrel.

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