2604 Country Club Lane

2604 COUNTRY CLUB LANE | Mike Crisp and Jay Hreiz

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This home, with its English Tudor style exterior and modern, open interior, was custom built in 2006 by the original owners. Current residents Mike and Jay are the third owners of the home. The land the house sits on is what was originally the garden property belonging to 2608 Country Club Lane next door. The retaining wall that forms the border of the pool was the original retaining wall from the garden.

The house has a very open plan with numerous expansive windows, providing much light. The bookcase, installed by the second owners, is the most commented-on feature in the home by far. Mike and Jay have decorated the space in a mid-century modern style. Abstract paintings on the wall are from an Asheville artist named Vicki Pinney. They enjoy spending the majority of the spring, summer, and early fall on the back porch or out by the pool. Both pool and infinity spa are salt water, and can be individually heated. The hardscaping and pool were installed by the previous owners—but the upgraded limestone pavers and re-facing of the firebox were added by Mike and Jay.

The master bathroom upstairs was renovated following a major leak that was discovered six months after they purchased the home. Spinging from from the master bathroom and dripped down through the chandelier of the dining room, the source of the leak took several months to diagnose. The stone tile that had been installed on the floor was no longer available, so the master shower room is now encased in a Sleuter system, which is used frequently in Europe. In the kitchen, below the glass faced cabinets, they removed a shelving unit and replaced it with a counter depth wine fridge.

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