1917 Chatham Ave


Home of Timothy Paul and Christie Buckley

Sponsored by Arbor Group Construction & Precision Turf


The Navy sent Tim and Christie to Charlotte from Virginia Beach. After an unsuccessful first round of house hunting, they ended up in an almost empty apartment in Elizabeth for a year. The couple remained determined to find their perfect home. After eighteen months of walking through fifty houses and clicking on nearly 400 more, Tim pleaded with Christie to consider a banged-up bungalow in the heart of Plaza Midwood. Tim came across this diamond in the rough on the MLS listings—and Christie is certainly glad he did.

The bungalow built in 1941 boasted an 80 square foot kitchen, one rundown bathroom and almost negative curb appeal. At first look, it certainly wasn’t Christie’s idea of a suitable residence. But Tim was sure this home could be great. It took foundation work to support a new second floor, rewired electrical and new plumbing, basically a complete design renovation. So a full remodel was underway. With their builder they created the new design including a master suite and new exterior siding and paint, too.

Christie loves the beach; she grew up by the water and misses it. So she chose an interior design that would bring that beachy ambiance into their home—with light and breezy finishes and touches of rustic elegance. The home’s simple and casual charm is accentuated by the sunlight that pours in to brighten the white kitchen, along with nautical touches like the cabinet hardware and open shower in the bath.
Tim and Christie spend their time cooking and wedding planning in the kitchen, sipping wine on the front porch, and playing with their dog Mason in the backyard.

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