1908 Belvedere Ave

1908 Belvedere Ave | Ken Riel and Steve Heinecke

Sponsored by Ken Riel of Nestlewood Realty w/ food from The Good Kitchen

When Ken and Steve moved to Midwood in 2008 they immediately fell in love with their new community. They lived on Thomas Avenue before buying their 1939 bungalow/cottage mix on Belvedere in 2010. Before moving in they performed a soft renovation, which included new counters, back splash, appliances, paint and refinished floors. The house was then 1350 square feet with two bedrooms and one bath—and in comparison to the NYC apartments they came from, it was HUGE and it had incredible character.

Shortly after their purchase, they found out they were becoming parents of twins and quickly took action to create a nursery for the little people who would soon join them. At that time, they also finished the basement as an office for Ken, including a guest bedroom for all the visitors they expected with the new arrivals.

After a few years of growing children—and toys, they realized they needed more room. They were torn between tearing down and building a new house or simply adding more space. In the end, the smaller, quaint footprint of a typical Midwood home won out.

They added a master suite, relocated both the kitchen and dining rooms for a more contemporary flow, also adding a screened back porch. It’s been a little more than six months living in their “new” home and they love it; it perfectly suits their Midwood lifestyle. Ken and Steve decided to open their house to the tour so others are able to see how you can maximize space, obtain a contemporary feel, all while maintaining Midwood charm.

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