1804 Mecklenburg Ave

1804 Mecklenburg Ave   |   Home of Madelyn Christie

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When Madelyn Christie was planning to move her family to Charlotte last summer, she knew exactly what she wanted in a neighborhood and home. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Madelyn has always been drawn to historic homes with lots of character.

Her most recent home in Birmingham was located in a revitalized historic neighborhood; Madelyn was interested in finding a similar neighborhood in Charlotte. She wanted to find an older home in a neighborhood of diversity and inclusion—and was not afraid of a project.

Searching for a home six hours away was quite a task, but she was thrilled when she discovered Plaza Midwood—and she realized quickly that she would need to jump at the opportunity to purchase a house in the fast-moving real estate environment here. This couldn’t have rung truer when she put a contract on her house after viewing it only via Facetime! The character and charm really sold her—and she already had a vision for the improvements needed.

The house had been a rental property for over twenty years; needless to say, it needed a lot of work. Luckily, a lot of structural work and a second bathroom addition had been done by the previous owner. So Madelyn began a kitchen remodel and some cosmetic changes. Hardwoods were restored to their original beauty, and a fresh coat of paint came next—inside and out. New fixtures were selected to better reflect the style and personality of the home. Madelyn spent countless hours completing most of the renovations herself. She loves to cook, so the kitchen reno allowed her to have the exact amenities she wanted. With a mix of budget-friendly IKEA cabinets and a splurge on Alabama white marble countertops, her kitchen is an inspiration for all the diy-ers out there.

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