1700 Tippah Ave

1700 Tippah Ave  |  Garden of Dr. Sharon Kugelmass

Sponsored by Groundworks Studio with chocolates from The Underground Truffle


Sharon wanted an inside-outside house, which is exactly what she got when she remodeled her home at the corner of Tippah and Kensington. Inspired by the gracious and charming porches of her neighbors—and some fantastic porch parties, she rebuilt the sunroom and doubled the size of the porch—which now serves as the primary spot to relax and watch the world stroll by.

Now that Sharon is retired, she spends a lot more time people-watching and talking with neighbors. And most of them want to talk about the unique railing that snakes up the hill climbing two stairways—connecting the pathway with the street below. “What is it?” they ask. A swirling river? Cascading waterfalls? Van Gogh’s Starry Night? This railing is certainly a conversation starter and neighborhood connector.

The railing became necessary after a fall down slippery stairs on a cold snowy day in January 2014. Though she resisted at first, after seeing PM landscape designer Laurel Holtzapple’s own “Bubble Fence” on Belvedere, Sharon realized she could have something whimsical, reflecting the neighborhood personality, yet also safe and functional. With Laurel’s design built by NoDa ironworks artist Theron Ross, and architect/artist Carrie Gault’s swirling terra cotta mosaic connecting the stairs, stainless steel coils now flow up the slope. The design features teal blue metal disks that match the front door.

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