1424 Thomas Ave

1424 Thomas Ave   |   Ben & Cara Schroll

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Since meeting in their first class on the first day of college, Ben and Cara’s relationship has been characterized by more than a few spontaneous decisions. Like planning a rendezvous in Italy less than a week in advance, or quitting both of their stable jobs in Charlotte in the middle of a financial crisis to go bartend in the Virgin Islands. But one such decision has proved fortuitous—they purchased the very first home they visited, on the only day they ever spent house-shopping.

The 1929 bungalow on Thomas Avenue had been in foreclosure for three years before the Schrolls bought it in 2012. A large family room and a second level with the master bed and bath had already been added, including one of their favorite features—the unique, traditional wide trim around all the windows and doors in the original house was continued into the addition.

Even though children weren’t top-of-mind when buying the house, six years later they’re happy to realize that a slightly unconventional layout has been quite well-suited to their family of four. Their two little girls have their own section of house that is removed from the family room and backyard, which allows for quiet naptimes and early bedtimes even when friends are over to cook out or watch a game.

Though the front porch has always been one of their favorite aspects of the house, the backyard is getting some major love after receiving a facelift from Jay Sifford Garden Design last fall. Jay and his team installed landscaping for the entire property, complementing the design for the back with a striking flagstone patio—hands-down, the homeowners’ favorite project yet!

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