1325 Pecan Ave

1325 Pecan Ave   |   Bungalow 1325

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Cass and Brian Bradley had lived in Plaza Midwood for eleven years and had always eyed a tiny little “fixer upper” on Pecan Avenue near the business district which would be ideal for Cass to display her photographic art. When it hit the market in the spring of 2015, they excitedly purchased it and set out to create the perfect ‘tiny house’ for Cass’s art—and to share space with other local photographers, brides and anyone seeking a pretty little rentable space.

With the help of dear friend Jaqueline Wheeler, they took the space from dark-man-cave to a pretty little she-shed. With lots of gallons of the perfect white paint, and glass tables and many mirrors providing reflective surfaces, Cass and Jaqueline opened the space up, making it feel much larger than its 980 square feet. The feminine space with a touch of old Hollywood glamour includes furnishings from local neighboring businesses—a pair of stunning water colored wingbacks from Tuft, an ornate glass table from Slate and several Salvation Army finds given new life with that perfect white paint.

This teeny house has been lovingly named Bungalow 1325 —and though she be but little…she is lovely. Most of the art on the walls is by Cass herself, with the notable exception of the painting above the mantel, purchased from (the now closed) Plaza Muse art gallery the day she quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of owning her own photography business in Plaza Midwood.

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