Stroll & Roll

What is Stroll and Roll Plaza Midwood?

A campaign led by residents in Plaza Midwood, and sponsored by the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association (PMNA) and Sustain Charlotte, urging City Council to improve pedestrian and bicycling safety by implementing a complete street design within three specific target areas on The Plaza and Central Ave.  Find out more and sign the petition at

Also, be sure to follow the Stroll & Roll Plaza Midwood Facebook Page where you can get the latest updates on progress of the items requested in the petition, as well as learn more about the latest innovations in pedestrian and bike-friendly street design, and find out about related events and group rides happening in the Charlotte area.


Because of all the community support and positive results of the protected bike lane demo, CDOT has approved The Plaza Street Conversion project.  The design is currently in progress and they are targeting the construction to be completed in 2019. Follow the CDOT project page for the latest updates!


Other links and resources:

Cycling Savvy: A 3 part course includes a classroom session, bike-handling session, and a tour of your city. 

Charlotte Department of Transportation: Find updates on all the ongoing projects and meetings.

Charlotte City Council: Find out about upcoming meetings and contact information for the council members.