Things to Do

Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association volunteers participate in several year round activities and annual events. If you are interested in helping out, contact the board or check the appropriate box when you fill out your membership form.

Activities include:

  • Community Garden – Located in the heart of Midwood Park, the garden is a great way for neighbors to socialize while exercising their green thumbs.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Interested in preventing crime? PMNA members work closely with Charlotte law enforcement to keep Plaza Midwood a safe place to live.
  • Park Enhancements – volunteers attend park and recreation workshops and planning sessions to help provide input on park facilities and maintenance projects.
  • School fundraising – Realizing that good schools are the heart of any neighborhood, PMNA volunteers are working with Shamrock Elementary officials to raise money for school supplies and other activities.
  • Social Events (Midwood Maynia & Home Tour, Winter Fling, and the Fall Crawl) – Whether it is Midwood Maynia in the spring or Winter Fling in the winter, Plaza Midwood neighbors never miss a chance to celebrate and socialize with bands, food, fun, silent auctions and more!
  • Yard of the Month Take a stroll in the ‘hood and check out the current month’s winner or nominate a neighbor who does an outstanding job in their yard.
  • Tree Banding – PMNA has played a central role in helping to protect our wonderful old oaks from the onslaught of destructive cankerworms.
  • Midwood Gives Back – A day to give back to the surrounding community, to allow others to feel the passion and energy that makes Plaza Midwood such a great place to live.
  • Mix ‘N Mingle Brunch – Morning meet-up for Plaza Midwood neighbors to get to know each other while enjoying breakfast and cocktails.
  • Stroll & Roll – Learn about this initiative to improve Plaza Midwood’s two busiest streets with the goal of making them safer and more welcoming for pedestrians and cyclists!