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  • arichman Post author

    If you haven’t written down serial numbers (or other unique identifiers) of your valuable electronics, yard equipment and power tools, take the time to do that as we head into the Holiday season. On items that have no serial number but do have some way of being marked on, consider using an engraving tool to add a unique identifier. And make sure you store the serial numbers and unique IDs in a place unlikely to be lost via theft or fire damage. After all, it’s great to write it down, somewhat useless if you cannot produce any documentation of it.

    It might seem overly simplistic , as-in it might seem far fetched that you’d ever retrieve your binoculars or DSLR camera or your circular saw. In the case where something is stolen and the Police can link your stolen property to a fence or pawn shop using serial numbers or otherwise, you just gave them the tools they need to do their job.

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