How can I help?

An organized Neighborhood Watch program is a big step towards making Plaza Midwood a safer place to live and work.   However, these efforts require a commitment from the entire community – businesses and residents.   If you are interested in helping your neighbors to control crime in our area, please to get in touch with your neighborhood watch officers and your grid captain.    In addtion, it is important that everyone follow these simple rules and responsibilities:

Don’t be a victim.

Protect yourself, your home, your property, and your vehicle.
Have a security inspection done by law enforcement professionals.
Upgrade doors, locks, hardware and outdoor lighting.
Keep valuables secure.
Lock doors and windows and set your security system when leaving.
Mark valuable property and record serial numbers.
Be a good neighbor.

Get to know the people who live near you.
Have a way to contact neighbors and one for them to get back in touch with you.
Watch out for suspicious activity at neighbors’ homes and ask them to do likewise for you.
Attend the quarterly Neighborhood Watch meetings.
Report any and all suspicious activity.

Call 911.
Call 311.
Share information with your neighbors and block captain.
Calling your block captain is NOT calling 911. 911 should always be the first call!
Report street light outages.

Criminals like shadows so, if you see a light out, take note of the closest intersection or residence address and do one or more of the following:

Report the outage through the Duke Power web site
Create a service request through
Call 311.