Neighborhood Watch

It is great to see so many of you out and about in the neighborhood.  We have great restaurants and tons of events within walking distance.  I would like to keep them all here and busy.  It is good for them, good for us and bad for the criminals.  Especially, as we head into the summer season, it is imperative that you are Out and About on the streets.  The more observant you are, the more the criminals hate it.  We are suppose to be barracked up in our homes and scared, so they can take advantage of us without  witnesses.  Stay diligent, observant and out and about.  The Out and About class was developed by working closely with CMPD to develop information about being observant and knowing what is suspicious.  It is a one on one class with our great neighborhood officers listening to us and them sharing information about criminals in our area.  We talk about what is suspicious behavior, when to call 911, and what to do after calling 911.  It is all about WHAT to look out for and not just WHO to look out for.  We will have more classes scheduled in the coming months.  Look for information in your email, or on the message board.

Last fall, stakeholders walked the area and were stunned by how dark the streets are at night.  The city was approached about adding the lights and there was little resistance to the upgrade.  Our Identify the Dark spots campaign was approaching the end of the first phase. Lights were to be added to existing poles in Grid 1 (Thomas Ave, Pecan Ave, Hamorton Ave) now. Unfortunately, the city budget has halted our project.  The delay of getting signatures for authority to place a couple of poles put us under the time line to get it completed before the new budget.  We are exploring some grant opportunities with hopes of getting additional lights to the park to increase visibility.

The business district is moving forward with their reorganization of the business owners group.  I have been to several of their meetings and PMNWatch plans to work with them and share information.  This partnership should be very beneficial for them and us.  Look for upcoming business district events; we will be sending information through email and the message board.  They have also hired off duty officers to patrol the area.  I have talked with the group and we have exchanged contact information so we can keep each other up to date on trends we are seeing in crime.

We still have plenty of PMNWatch yard signs and will have them at most PMNA and PMNW upcoming events for $5, or contact me and I will deliver,

Look for us at MAYNIA we will have an informational table, and support 2 of our community officers as they run in the 5K race that morning.  They will be wearing PMNW stickers and yard signs, so they should be easy to find!

If you have any ideas, events or need information about security of your home, please let me know,

Thanks for all your support and participation in our great neighborhood.