Yard of the Month

Plaza Midwood’s Yard of the month is sponsored by Nectar Floral Designs, one of our great neighborhood florists. Each month’s winning home receives a bouquet of flowers from Nectar. To nominate a neighbor for Yard of the Month, email us at yardofthemonth@plazamidwood.org.


Current Month’s Winner: 

October 2018 – 1909 Tippah Avenue

Past Winners:

September 2018 – 2833 Attaberry

August 2018 – 2218 Kensington Drive

July 2018 – 1909 The Plaza

June 2018 – 1933 Tippah Ave.

May 2018 – 2629 Fort Street.

April 2018 – 1925 Tippah Ave.

March 2018 – 2852 Attaberry Dr.

February 2018 – 1700 Tippah Ave.

January 2018 – 2026 Chambwood Dr.

December 2017 – 2115 Mecklenburg Ave.

November 2017 – 1401 Nassau Blvd.

October 2017 – 1836 Thomas Ave.

September 2017 – 1701 Thomas Ave.

August 2017 – 1834 Mimosa Ave.

July 2017 – 2404 Belvedere

June 2017 – 1800 The Plaza

May 20171805 Tippah Ave

April 2017 – 2330 Club Rd.

March 2017 – 1713 Tippah Ave.

February 2017 – 1725 Club Rd.

January 2017 – Community Garden

December 2016 – 2101 Wilhelmina Ave.

November 2016 – 1715 Nassau Blvd

October 2016 – 1901 Tippah Ave

September 2016 – 2005 Midwood Place

August 2016 – 2218 Kensington Dr.

July 2016 – 1915 Thomas Ave

June 2016 – 2119 The Plaza

May 2016 – 2036 Tippah Ave.

April 2016 – 2020 Midwood Place

March 2016 – 1720 Thomas Ave

February 2016 – 2224 Club Rd

January 2016 – 1915 Chatham

December 2015 – 1501 Belvedere

November 2015 – 1907 Kenwood


Nominations: Please nominate your neighbors by sending an email to YardOfTheMonth@PlazaMidwood.org


We have some neighbors who go above and beyond to bring life to our community. From the homeowner who takes care to provide food, shelter, and water to native birds and animals by having their yard certified as a wildlife habitat, or a neighbor who spreads holiday spirit by busting out the spider webs, mummies, bats and pumpkins for a Halloween fright show, or that perfectly green and weed-less lawn, spring flowers popping with color, manicured azaleas, and topiary accents – we have all kinds of Midwoodian flavor.

In appreciation of this effort to bring life to our community, the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association (PMNA) would like to recognize these neighbors who go above and beyond. Monthly, PMNA will award one neighbor the designation of “Plaza Midwood Yard of the Month.” Every residence in Plaza Midwood is eligible, but we will take special attention to consider any nominations sent to YardOfTheMonth@PlazaMidwood.org by the fifth of each month. Be sure to let us know why you nominate a certain yard so we can know what to be on the lookout for (i.e. we won’t see holiday lights if we don’t know to come at night). A committee of volunteers and board members will select the winner before the tenth of each month and present the neighbor with a yard sign to display. The winner will also be posted on our website www.PlazaMidwood.org so other neighbors can walk by and appreciate the winning yard’s contribution to our community. While all neighbors are eligible to win, ties in voting will be broken if one candidate is a paying member of PMNA and the other is not. So help your cause – and help us pay for the Yard of the Month sign – by making your voluntary tax deductible $25 membership fee online today (shameless plug acknowledged).

It won’t always be the most manicured lawn that wins, but sometimes it will. It won’t always be the best decorated holiday display that wins, but sometimes it will. It won’t always be the best use of native plants and yard art that wins, but sometimes it will. We want to encourage and recognize the efforts our neighbors put forth to beatify our community. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, like Midwood, the beauty recognized by this award is meant to be diverse. So get outside and do your thing neighbors – and nominate others who you see working in their yards to make our community so special.