Land Use/Development

The Meeting

The Plaza Midwood Land Use Group meets every Third Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the basement of The Vine Church (2101 Belvedere) to discuss landuse changes in the neighborhood. The group was formed in 2014 to address the need for a consistent and informed neighborhood voice in development issues impacting Plaza Midwood. We have held consistent monthly meetings since February 2016.

Meetings are open to all.  Property Owners, Renters, Developers and Neighborhood enthusiasts are all encouraged to attend and participate.   Recommendations to the PMNA board are not majority rule.  Recommendations are transparent and consensus based.  Consensus or non-consensus is fully reported to the board for their consideration. The group facilitates communication with developers and neighbors, strengthens advocacy efforts through discussion and education, and makes consensus based recommendations to the board regarding land use changes, infrastructure investments, and advocacy initiatives.

Over the course of our meetings the following have emerged as consensus principals:

  • We embrace principals of walk-ability that encourage pedestrian engagement and safety
  • We embrace the city’s long term efforts to concentrate development and density in centers and corridors.
  • We embrace smaller incremental developments that add variety to our commercial streetscape.
  • We value the eclectic aesthetic in our commercial area and therefore do not dictate adherence to a specific architectural style.
  • We encourage the reuse of structures.
  • We value diversity of housing stock, diversity of housing occupants, and housing affordability

Specific actions taken by our Group for the consideration of the board include:

  • Recommendation to support Rezoning Petition # (2015-056) Midwood Flats on Central Ave
  • Recommendation to support Rezoning Petition # (2016-017) Resident Culture Brewing
  • Recommendation to support Rezoning Petition # (2016-05)
  • Proposed Policy to Protect Alleyways in Plaza Midwood