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Looking to reach out to a pmna board member?

Contact Address Phone Board Role
David Hale 1827 The Plaza 858-405-8280 President & Social Media
Karen Van Sickler 1525 Thomas Ave 828-980-8301 Vice President & Membership
Andrew Knoblich 1500 Parkwood Ave 571-393-1926
Terri Arrowood PO Box 9394, 29299-9394 704-347-1955 Ex Officio (Newsletter)
 Krissy Oechslin  1609 Pecan Ave 703-622-2669  Treasurer
 Chris Barth 2001 Thomas Ave 704-575-7694 Auction Chair
 Adam Richman  Community Watch
 Wes Turner  2015 The Plaza  336-830-2105
Renee Bradley 1722 Chestnut Ave 704-975-3816 Past President & Home Tour Chair
Robert Hancock 2320 Mecklenburg Avenue 704-293-8738
Alison Rogers 1707 Club Rd. #2 917-589-7891 Communications
Randy Podosek 2023 Wilhelmina Ave 704-607-8841  Midwood Maynia
Udo Robitsch 2036 Tippah Ave 704-361-7772 Community Garden
Gregg Hill 1920 Winter Street 704-576-8592  Schools
Phil Gussman 2008 Winter Street 704-608-1323 Ex Officio (Sponsorships)
Andrew Kavulic Winter Fling Chair & Web Admin
Jim Truchon 2855 Georgia Ave 704-995-4124
Kristin Butz 1914 Dunhill Drive 216-577-6896
Benjamin Cuevas 1620 Pecan Ave 704-840-0920
Rachel Weiner 1824 Nassau Blvd 201-400-5814  Secretary
 Rebecca Ham  1504 Parkwood Ave  843-609-7524
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PO Box 9394
Charlotte, NC 28299-9394