2700 Belvedere Ave

2700 BELVEDERE AVENUE | Ben Collins and Scotty Vanhoozier

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The original 1934 home, purchased by Ben Collins 18 years ago, began as a modest 1100 square foot, three bedroom, one bath cottage — originally built by a local doctor who delivered many of Charlotte’s old guard into the 1950s.


“I knew I was going to buy it the minute we saw it,” says Collins, a contractor and owner of Salins Group. After living in the home for a year, he figured out what he wanted to achieve with the renovation: create a seamless addition to the existing home so that it looked as if it had always been a part of the original structure.

With the team of architect Allan Brooks, designer Aida Saul, and landscape architect Bruce Clodfelter in place, Collins began demo of the cottage. “We did everything we possibly could to preserve the charm of the existing house. The outcome with the collaborative effort was amazing.”

The home grew to 3,600 square feet, but much of the charming feel of the original cottage was indeed preserved—including the home’s original twin front fireplaces. The most unique added feature is the stair tower which serves as the central axis point, allowing easy flow to all five levels of the home.

Inside, you’ll find antiques and art that have been collected during travels around the world. The kitchen features large windows for brilliant light, and is one of the most used spaces of the home—perfect for chef enthusiast and Collins’ husband, Scotty. The luxurious master suite includes a walnut dressing room. a bisazza-tiled bath, and a balcony that overlooks the guest house, garden and koi pond. Avid entertainers, the couple often retreats to their downstairs pub room with friends—an intimate space that opens to a terrace with an outdoor fireplace and elegant pool area. They designed to pool to be a close extension of the outdoor living space. Therefore to keep it from being several more steps away from the terrace level, they had it built up out of the ground. There are many surprises around each corner and through each door— both in and out, the home is just as comfortable in intimate settings or large-scale entertaining.

Don’t miss the “bonus” feature— the gleaming luxury Airstream unit that usually resides in their driveway will be open to view during the tour, near the ticket table at The Vine Church! Pop inside and enjoy it’s fabulous “glamping” vibe! (It’s available for rental at event facilities and/or as a hospitality center and convenience/restroom.)

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