2005 Winter Street


Home of Adam and Erin Montgomery * Sponsored by Catawba Brewing


Adam and Erin, along with their two year old daughter, represent the third and fourth generations of Erin’s family to live consecutively in the home! In the 1960’s Erin’s grandmother, a divorcee, had difficulty finding a house for herself and her daughter; divorce carried quite a stigma then. She finally found a small bungalow built in 1938 on Winter Street owned by an elderly widow. She purchased the home for $9,000 and worked two jobs to make payments. Erin’s mother grew up in the house and remembers the neighborhood through rough times and renewal. Erin inherited the property and has lived there since 2003.

Adam and Erin worked with architects who created a design that could be incorporated in phases. Remodeling began in 2010 with a kitchen and front porch re-do in which original hardwoods in the kitchen were uncovered from three layers of linoleum and the dining room wall was removed, along with a new brick porch to replace a crumbling concrete one and a new roof.

In 2015, a 1,012 square foot addition was completed, honoring the coziness of the original house which had three bedrooms and one tiny bath. Erin and Adam decided to stick with the three bedrooms and add living space, a mudroom and a much-needed second bath – in a discreet renovation that maintains the integrity of the bungalow, in keeping with other Winter Street homes.

The home’s eclectic style incorporates a mix of old, new, thrift store finds, and curb alerts. The funky décor only has to meet one criterion, is it fun? Erin wanted a colorful space where they could relax and have a good time; nothing stuffy or formal for this young family, expanding by one in June. Look for these highlights: the A&P Charlotte chest in the living room, all window treatments made by Erin’s mother and the master bedroom headboard fashioned by Erin’s stepdad from reclaimed wine barrel wood.

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