1815 Logie Ave

1815 LOGIE AVENUE | Elvis Vrolyk

 Sponsored by Alter Architects

A sleepy, sturdy, 1960s utilitarian detached garage was renovated to a new purpose when it was converted in 2016 into a 400 square foot tiny home.

The name Svartküb loosely means “Black Box” in Swedish—even though it’s not really Swedish. Or a cube. But it’s definitely black!. The original garage was kept intact as much as possible. The high contrast décor gives the home a “Happy Days” meets Ikea vibe. Little touches, such as hex bolts on the cabinetry instead of knobs, piping as bathroom hardware, a custom crafted loft ladder, and partial concrete staining that reveals portions of the garage’s original paint, add to the clean but unrefined feeling of the home.

Thoughtfully designed by an architect two doors down (Alter Architects), built by another contractor (Creative Revisions) who is also a neighbor, and décor donated by other residents of Logie Avenue, the project was truly a local endeavor.

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