1716 Truman Road

1716 Truman Road  |  Patrick and Lacey Kavanagh

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After renting in the Sedgefield area, Patrick and Lacey were very excited to relocate to their dream neighborhood in October 2014, when they purchased their craftsman-style home on Truman. Though the house was fairly new, built in 1998, they knew they wanted to slowly remodel it to fit their more modern bohemian aesthetic. Because the couple loves being outdoors, the initial updates were focused on the exterior and yard. First up was the front yard, where some trees were removed and a walkway added. The following fall, it was the back yard—with all-new landscaping and fencing. In the spring of 2017, the house got all new exterior paint, new shutters and new front porch railing for a modern look. Beth Keim, previous home tour participant and owner of Lucy & Company, came up with the concept. Up next is the kitchen!

The couple’s love of travel is evident in their design. Having embarked on several adventures over the past few years, they try to pick up a piece of art in each place they visit to display at home. A living room wall is filled with such art collected from their travels, with each piece sporting a fun or exciting story about how it was acquired. They picked up the “evil eye” while visiting Greece last fall. Cabs were limited so they ended up hiking six miles through the cliffs of Santorini back to the hotel with it—ouch!

Home Tour Tip: Notice the windows and other details of this home as you walk through. For a newer home, this one certainly has the character and charm of Plaza Midwood “all over it.”

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